Excellent trip to Cuba

Just spent eight days in Cuba. Havana is a fascinating city of flaking architecture and old American cars – Buicks, Chevrolets and Plymouths from the late 1950s cruise the streets. IMG_0331 (2)But it is a city trapped in an economic and social time warp, though one that is also on the cusp of change. Away from the capital, the pace of life is laid back and truly timeless in Trinidad, a colonial town that still reflects the Spanish architectural influence with pastel buildings lining cobbled streets where the only traffic in the old part of the town are cycle rickshaws or horse-drawn carts. For refreshment, Cristal beer is really good, or go for a Mojito cocktail with Havana Club rum. Cuba also has some great coastline and white sandy beaches – enjoy resorts such as Varadero. I travelled to Cuba with Journeys of Distinction on assignment for Travel Mail.